Measuring for Eyelet Curtains

We recommend that you fix your pole at least 10cm (4") above the window. This should be done before taking measurements. We recommend you use a metal tape measure, which will not stretch.

It is important that the size of the pole (between the 'finials' or decorative ends) is 30cm wider than the window (15cm each side). This is so that when curtains are open, they will lie to the side of window. Therefore the pole needs to be 30cm wider than the width of the window.

Measuring Width of Curtain Required

The width of each curtain when laid flat should be the same width as the curtain pole to allow a double fullness of fabric when curtains are drawn i.e. Width of each curtain = width of pole. If you prefer a fuller look to your curtain then simply add 20-30cm to the size calculated.

  1. Measure the width of the window
  2. Add 30cm to this measurement.
  3. You now have the required curtain width (same width as the pole).
  4. Enter this width in the 'Width' box after selecting your fabric.

Measuring the Length of Curtain Required

Measure from the top of the pole to any of these 3 lengths:

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